Re Purpose Coffins?

Last month I wrote about environmental options within funeral service. This week I came across possibly one of the most sensible environmental options available and its been right in front of us all the time!

Coffin manufacturing has changed a great deal over the past century, I remember my grandfather making coffins from solid timber and without modern manufacturing techniques had to use hot water in order to bend the shoulders into coffins. Paper laminates, custom and particle board just didn’t exist. Polishing or finishing was applied often by hand, using traditional french polishing techniques.

In todays coffin manufacturing  environment , high tech is the way to go, with computerised cutting machines and a variety of timber variants available. Yet ,whilst the manufacturing  techniques may have changed , there is still waste from off cuts and damaged timbers or veneers that typically end up in land fill.

Innovative family owned Melbourne coffin manufacturer RH Minter, has decided to do something about it. They are re purposing what was once waste into environmental low cost affordable coffins. While these unpolished rectangular coffins, sometimes have different panels and are possible not for every family (in regard to traditional looks) they definitely  lead the way in environmental re purposing.


Manging Director of Robert Nelson Funerals, says “families now have a real alternative when considering environmental options and even better it locals that are doing it.”

“Compared to cardboard, that has to be manufactured, (often overseas) these timber off cuts are already in the local factory and would be shipped out for land fill if not reused.”

Robert Nelson Funerals are pleased to offer these environmental  repurposed coffins as part of our standard range.

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