Christmas a time to remember a time to care

Christmas is often a time of family. As we near this festive occasion we should take some time to reflect on those that won’t be with us this year and for those that have suffered loss. The weight of expectation at Christmas can add more pressure to a difficult time for many.


People are effected by loss in different ways, the loss of a spouse, sibling , child or friend or even a pet can be profound and people will deal with these in their own way. Whilst our immediate reaction may be to surround those that are grieving with support and love. Grief can make people respond in unexpected ways and at this time of year some may reject these invitations, and that can be confusing to those offering that support. Some may not want to spend time with family this year as they work through grief.

Allow people to set their own boundaries as they work through this process and continue to offer your love and support.

Your care and support is important. No-one can take away the pain and sadness of grief, but knowing that people care provides comfort and healing. Be patient, grief has no timeline. jamie-street-489919-unsplashBe prepared to listen, share memories and stories and don’t be afraid to use the name of the person who has died and above all take care of yourself. Sharing some else’s pain can be demanding and exhausting.

Where can I find more information? The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement has some great resource material and brochures

Or Contact Robert Nelson Funerals for additional information. ph (03) 9532 2111

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